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Every day is a snapshot day if you try hard enough. We're travelling to GDC soon so we're going to try to push out as many snapshots this week.
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Changes in 18w10a Added buried treasure Added tropical fish Added underwater ambience sounds Added ability to put markers on maps Added coral plants Changed phantom model and texture Changes to phantom behaviour Changed coral texture Underwater visibility now changes per biome Changes in 18w10b Added dead coral for each coral variant Added a non-dyed shulker box and made the purple shulker box purple Added more underwater ambience sounds Added tropical fish sounds Changes in 18w10c Phantoms are now considered undead New water physics!

Changes in 18w10d Allow more blocks to have water in them Water no longer goes through solid faces Coral now generates naturally Big optimization to how clouds are rendered Phantoms now burn in sunlight You can now undye shulker boxes in a cauldron Water physics Oops, we spilled a bit. You can place water in the following blocks: Let's hide it. Can be found Maps found in Underwater Ruins can lead you to them Will contain a very cool treasure And all his friends!

They come in many colours! They come in many patterns! Like other fish, you can catch them up in a bucket You can find them in warm and lukewarm oceans Map markers You are here. Or there. Spawns in the overworld and the end Attacks players who haven't slept in a while Drops leather, but this may change Turtles The turtle moves. Spawns on warm beaches, but this is temporary Will lay eggs in their home beach You can craft pieces of their old shell into one big shell And wear it on your head!

Or craft it into a potion!

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Turtles are known for their strength, not their speed Please be kind to turtles. They hold up the world.


Minecraft launcher

Kelp and Seagrass The green in the blue! Seagrass generates in all oceans, but this is temporary Kelp doesn't generate in deep oceans, but this is temporary Kelp can be smelted to get dry kelp A tasty snack for the ocean adventurer! Or a convenient way to fuel more smelting Or just store it away into a dried kelp block Bubble columns Blub blub blub blub. Doesn't generate anywhere currently Occurs when a magma block is in water Watch out, you'll get sucked under!

A good way to breath without cheating game mechanics ; Stripped logs Go ahead, axe us a question. You can strip logs by using an axe on them right-click Stripped logs act like regular logs in furnaces, crafting, etc They look neat! Tridents Some say that throwing your only weapon away is a bad idea. We disagree. Right click to throw the trident Left click to melee Currently unobtainable in survival, that will change Super overpowered, we'll balance them later Has 4 available enchantments Loyalty: Your trident will come back to you.

MCL — Minecraft Launcher 2. First official release that replace the old launcher. Changed font from the Minecraft default to Segoe UI.

Navigation menu

Fixed a crash when you launched any minecraft. Fixed a bug where the Launcher could get stuck on 'Loading November 2, [16].

Water physics

New launcher iteration for testing initially for Windows and macOS Runs as a native application that no longer requires Java Interface redesign. Now warns the player when their profile has been opened in the new launcher. Fixed Launcher window closing. Fixed closing the "Profile Editor" window.

Minor changes.

Minecraft 13w16a Features - New Launcher and UI, Multiple Jar Support

Launcher now creating folder " server-resource-packs " in game directory. Parameter 'directory' is not a directory". MCL — Fatal error launching game. Test launcher [19] Launcher for Windows now available as. Test launcher [20] Update for the native bootstrap Uses a local, launcher-managed Java runtime instead of system Java.

Re-launching Minecraft with a user used previously will override the game output tab for that user MCL — Inherited JSON is overwritten when a library download takes place. Fix launcher stuck on Loading Development Console tab renamed to Launcher Log You can now run multiple instances of Minecraft at once, provided they're on different users Play button renamed to Already Playing Added some command-line switches on the Profile Editor? Added version inheritance [22]. Added a "Switch users" button to make switching users easier Another attempt to fix MCL , but the fix didn't work.

Attempt to fix MCL , but the fix didn't work.

Minecraft Snapshot 13w16a and New Launcher

MCL — Custom Versions are not loading. Added " Why can I only play demo? The link redirects you here. MCL — Cannot play offline in 1. Rearranged the assets folder for the new Assets Management System.

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Faster downloading of some big files. Bridging of Mojang and Twitch accounts. Minecraft cannot download.

Minecraft Snapshot 13W16A/1.6 Update [German-HD] - Neue Mobs:Pferde, Zebras und Esel + Neue Blöcke

Added time it took to finish jobs. Faster resource downloading. Bug fixes MCL — False positive detection of modded minecraft when crashed by stack overflow MCL — Launcher states crash of 13w36b and newer is modded. Added an open game directory button in the profile editor. MCL — Launcher doesn't work. September 12, [27]. MCL — Can not log out of launcher. September 3, [28]. MCL — Many versions makes the launcher slow.

August 7, [29]. MCL — Selecting Alpha 1. August 6, [30] [31]. Added a "Time Machine" feature to use Beta versions. An option for Alpha has been included but the versions are not available yet. Also allows players to play versions 1.

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July 27, [32]. MCL - Cannot play offline. Further support for Hopper Client crashes can be flagged as Public Nothing is currently done with these Profiles have the option to disable Hopper support Reporting directly to the bug tracker is only allowed if Hopper is turned off or the launcher can't connect to Hopper Hopper will not send crash report to bug tracker if the game is modded MCL — "Report to Mojang" Button creates blank report without crash report.

Added support for the new crash-reporting system, Hopper [33] Any client crash will automatically submit the crash report MCL — Client token collisions can prevent players from logging in to servers. July 9, [34].