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Can someone tell me what is most likely the problem here, or whether there is a way to get Microsoft Excel to automatically get rid of the extra pages? Thank you in advance! Oct 20, Messages: Well, generally I would just say make sure you set the print area. I haven't tried this, but it seems to apply to what you want http: Sep 14, Messages: See the pages selected by clicking print preview in menu bar.

Delete any rows unwanted by selecting the row number and pressing delete key.

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Thank you for your advice! Although that helps when it comes to printing, when I am looking at the spreadsheet on the screen it still shows the extra page and the particularly small scroll-bar given how long the document is with the additional pages. Is there a a way to stop that? Mar 8, Messages: You should find the last line of actual data and highlight select all the rows below it to the bottom.

View page breaks

Close the workbook, reopen and check it. OBP , Jul 23, Sep 24, Messages: That's actually seemed to make it worse - as there are now more empty pages.

MS Excel for Mac: Delete a sheet

I've uploaded the document I've had to change it from a Microsoft Excel to a Microsoft Excel - compatible file - so if there are formatting problems, that's why in the hopes that someone will be able to have a look and tell me how to correct the problem. Attached Files: Media Collection Compatible Version.

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Jul 20, Messages: Delete the rows or columns up until you reach your actual data, by right-clicking on the selected rows and selecting delete from the context right-click menu. Do not hit delete on your keyboard because this just deletes the data. The errant cells could have formatting or other issues in place and that is why it is trying to print them out.

Still no luck, unfortunately. Any other ideas? OBP , Jul 24, So you are not selecting all the "Rows" below your data. I have deleted the extra rows.

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  6. Switch to the "Home" tab of the Excel ribbon and locate its Cells group. Click the arrow next to the "Format" option to open its drop-down list. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism.

    How to Delete a Worksheet from a Workbook in Excel 2013

    Skip to main content. Tips Changing the default number of worksheets that Microsoft Excel includes in new workbooks doesn't affect the number of worksheets in files you've already created. If you delete a worksheet and save your workbook, you can't recover the sheet you deleted. Unless you're sure you don't want the worksheet in the file, either save the file under a new name or hide the worksheet until you're sure it's unnecessary.

    Insert or delete a worksheet

    Hiding a worksheet doesn't reduce the size of your Excel file or the amount of system memory it requires. Warning If you delete a worksheet that you used in calculations involving cells in another worksheet, your formulas no longer will perform correctly. References 5 Microsoft Office: Excel Specifications and Limits Microsoft Office: Insert or Delete a Worksheet Microsoft Office: Excel About the Author Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Accessed 19 February Mott, Elizabeth.