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May 15, iMovie is a free program for Mac computers and MacOS, which you can use Select Movie instead, to create a slideshow with the combination of photos, in slideshows, it's always nice to bring in some motion to still images.
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This article was tested in iMovie A mobile app for iMovie is available for iOS devices. Share Pin Email. A professional videographer who enjoys helping amateurs master the basics of desktop video. Updated November 14, Before you get started editing, you need to open, name and save your project: Open iMovie. Click the Projects tab at the top of the screen.

Import Video, Photos and Music to a New Mac iMovie Project

Click the Create New button in the screen that opens. Select Movie in the drop-down menu to combine video, images and music in your own movie. The app switches to the project screen and assigns your movie a generic name such as " My Movie 1.

Click OK to save the project. To locate the video footage you want, click Photos Library in the left panel and choose the My Media tab.

Create a Slideshow With iMovie In Less Than 3 Minutes (#1251)

Click the Videos album to open it. Scroll through the videos and select one you want to include in your movie. Drag and drop the clip to the work area directly below it called the timeline. To include another video, drag and drop it behind the first one on the timeline.

In the drop-down menu at the top of the screen under My Media, select My Albums or one of the other selections such as People , Places or Shared to see thumbnails of those albums in iMovie. Click any album to open it.

iMovie for Mac: Create a picture-in-picture effect

Browse through the pictures in the album and drag the one you want to use to the timeline. Place it anywhere you want it to appear in the movie. Drag any additional photos to the timeline. Scroll through the list of tunes.

To preview one, click on it and then click the play button that appears next to it. Click the song that you want and drag it to your timeline. For photos in portrait orientation, I repositioned the visible frame to include the action.

iMovie for Mac: Export an image

When you play the movie, it's just like what you experience when shuttling through the shots on your camera. Only in this case, you can apply all of the other features iMovie offers. Drag songs from the Music and Sound Effects browser or titles from the Title browser into the project to add music or text.

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Adjust timing for specific shots by changing the Duration setting in the Clip inspector and making sure to deselect the Applies to all stills button. And, of course, you can then share the movie with whoever you want by choosing an option from the Share menu, like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, or exporting the file.


You can view the video I made of an outing on my daughter's birthday , as an example of how to get started. Photoshop CS6 dazzles with technical prowess and artistic inspiration. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 breaks ground with new core features. Is it worth the upgrade from iPhone 7 Plus? Here's how to do it. Import the photos into iPhoto, where they appear grouped into a new Event. In iMovie, create a new project. Open the Photos browser and click the Events item under iPhoto.

Export a single frame of your movie as an image

At a Glance. Apple iMovie ' Cons Interlaced video still hampered by single-field processing No native AVCHD editing or direct import Pre-processing and import transcoding can be time-consuming. Apple iPhoto ' Pros New code base and polished user interface Improved Facebook and Flickr integration Design templates for e-mail Full screen mode for maximum use of display Improved Books and Cards design tools Lower price for upgrade. Cons Editing controls virtually untouched No more Extended Photo Info screen Text and number-of-photo limitations for email attachments. Photography Video.