What is the name of the word program for mac

Hi, I am new to Mac, and was wondering where do I use a program like Word on microsoft for MAC??? Do I have to buy a program to use that.
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Had you produced these sentences on a typewriter instead of a computer, changing even a few words would hardly seem worth it. You would have to use correction fluid to erase your previous comments and type over them.

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If things got really messy, or if you wanted to take your writing in a different direction, you would end up yanking the sheet of paper from the typewriter in disgust and begin pecking away anew on a blank page. Word processing lets you substitute words at will, move entire blocks of text around with panache, and apply different fonts and typefaces to the characters. Before running out to buy Microsoft Word or another industrial-strength and expensive word processing program for your Mac, remember that Apple includes a respectable word processor with OS X.

The program is TextEdit, and it call s the Applications folder home. The first order of business when using TextEdit or pretty much any word processor is to create a new document.

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The moment you do so, a window with a large blank area on which to type appears. Have a look around the window.

At the top, you see Untitled because no one at Apple is presumptuous enough to come up with a name for your yet-to-be-produced manuscript. Notice the blinking vertical line at the upper-left edge of the screen, just below the ruler. Indeed, you have come to the most challenging point in the entire word processing experience, and it has nothing to do with technology. The burden is on you to produce clever, witty, and inventive prose, lest all that blank space go to waste. Okay, got it?

At the blinking insertion point, type with abandon. Type something original like this:. Fortunately, your amiable word processor has your best interests at heart. See the dotted red line below drk and nihgt? The main difference between Microsoft Office and Office is how you pay for it. Office is a subscription-based service.


What is Microsoft Word for Mac?

If you do the math, that's about two years and two months of subscription costs. The subscription service offers unlimited phone and chat support, 60 minutes per month of Skype calls and 1 TB of storage on Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage platform.

How to open word document on Mac

The easiest way to install it on your Mac is to purchase it through Microsoft's Office website and download it. You can also purchase and download Microsoft Office for Mac through Amazon 's website. If you absolutely need to run Word for Windows, you don't have to give up your Mac. It's possible to install Windows on a Mac, and in fact, it is possible to run a Windows app side-by-side with Mac apps using software like Parallels.

This isn't for the tech-queasy, but it doesn't take too much technical know-how to get up and running. In fact, once you have Windows running on your Mac, installing and using software like Parallels is a breeze. Read more about installing Windows on your Mac. While Microsoft Word may seem synonymous with Windows, it was actually released on the Mac years before it made its first appearance on Windows.

Best Word Processing Software

And despite a sometimes rocky relationship between Microsoft and Apple, Microsoft Word has been a mainstay on Macs since the early days. Share Pin Email. Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since Updated December 30, So buying it outright is better, right? Not so fast. Go to office. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one.

5 free alternatives to Word on Mac

If you haven't purchased Office, click the Buy Office button in the top-right corner of the screen. If you already have purchased Office, click the Install Office button right next to the Buy Office button. Once the download is complete, open your Downloads folder. This folder is usually located on the dock next to the Applications folder. You can also open a Finder menu and click the Downloads folder on the left-side menu.

Some browsers will display the downloaded file at the bottom of the browser allowing you to simply click on it from the browser.

5 free alternatives to Word on Mac

Click Continue , review the software license and then select Agree. The next section is to select the destination. You will probably want to keep the default setting and click Continue. You may need to enter your Mac password to give the installer permission. After entering the password, click Install Software.