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You can set Photoshop (or any image editor) as an external editor in iPhoto. ( Preferences -> General -> Edit Photo: Choose from the Drop.
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Enlarge your boobs for free in Photoshop How To: Unclothe people in Photoshop How To: Reveal nipples with the Photoshop x-ray effect How To: Make your own passport size photo How To: Make clothing see through in Photoshop How To: Change an object's color in Photoshop using magic wand How To: Isolate one color with Adobe Photoshop How To: Make your own x-ray in Photoshop How To: Make perky nipples with Photoshop How To: Remove date and time stamps from your photos How To: Make basic animation or moving images in Photoshop How To: This way, when you double click a pic to edit in iPhoto it will open automatically in Photoshop or your Image Editor, and when you save it it's sent back to iPhoto automatically.

This is the only way that edits made in another application will be displayed in iPhoto. Regards TD. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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I have come up with two possibilities that appear to fit the bill. The other is Drawit Lite. Lines are a little blurrier and not as crisp. Also seems to have a little more noise within the lines. The cost is zip. In the photo below, I added in a second poppy shot. You can edit each layer using the sketch presets. Another creative option to try is the Glitch tool. The Glitch tool creates unique drawing effects that add an abstract quality to your pictures. The free version includes a wide range of tools to turn a photo into a sketch.

This will also unlock some other photo editing tools.

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The Prisma app lets you transform your photos into works of art using a huge range of artistic styles. This includes a range of sketch and drawing styles, as well as painterly effects. The filter styles appear within collections. Filters in the Misc Collection and Prisma Classic collection are available for free.

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Premium filters have a padlock icon on them. Tapping the padlock takes you to the screen where you can pay for the subscription service. The Prisma app is easy to navigate, allowing you to turn a photos into a drawing in a logical way.

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When you first open Prisma, the in-app camera appears. To open a photo from your library, tap Gallery. Open a photo, then tap one of the art styles at the bottom of the screen to create your drawing. Below is the original photo left , and edited version using the Mononoke style right.

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ColorPen Sketch - Convert your photo into line drawing

You can reduce the filter intensity by changing the opacity. Swipe left across the screen to allow more and more of your original photo to show through. This allows you to create a more subtle finish. This shows how you can create different looks by changing the opacity of the filter. You can also make other subtle adjustments to your sketch photo using the editing tools. SD stands for Standard Definition. HD stands for High Definition. This means the saved image will be a smaller size with fewer pixels.

A nice feature of the Prisma app is that each day a new art style becomes available. Note that in the free version of the app, it will only be available for one day. The following day it gets replaced with a new style. Prisma also has its own photo sharing community.

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  7. In the style library, tap a style to view photos edited by users in that particular style. This feature is great for inspiration. Use it to see what you can achieve with the individual styles. You can also share your own artistic creations to the Prisma Feed.

    Tap the Share icon square with up arrow , and select Post On Feed. You can then like and comment on images and follow your favorite creators. The free version includes a good range of filters to turn pictures into drawings and paintings. Over 90 of those filters are sketch styles that will give your photo a hand-drawn finish. Choose the Sketch category to see more than 90 drawing styles. Scroll through the styles and tap the one you want to use.

    After a few seconds of processing, your drawing will appear. The app takes much longer to process the styles if you choose a higher resolution output. This is because the app transfers your image to its own servers to process the filters.

    Apps That Turn Photos Into Drawings: 6 Best iPhone Photo Sketch Apps

    After applying a drawing style to your photo, scroll down to access a range of adjustment options. These allow you to customize the sketch effect and fine-tune your edit. Before saving, select the output quality that you want to use. With the free version of the app you can save at high definition HD. But the image will have a watermark applied.

    Subscribing to the Premium version of the app removes the watermark.

    Click here to watch this video. It includes classic sketch effects such as pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, pastel and crayon. The landscape above uses the Crayon Drawing filter. Tap Categories at the bottom left to access the filter categories.